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The Senior’s Home offers daily services for ages 55+

In the daily services is included:

  • Lunch (first course, second, coffee and water)
  • Physiotherapy (2 times per month by 30 minutes / session)
  • Dance (2 times per month from 1 hour / session)
  • Kung / FU (2 times per month from 1 hour / session)
  • Games and group activities.

The day’s program takes place by hour 10:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday.

You should call the Senior’s Home on number +042486313 to make the reservation.

The service worker will know the procedures and payment modalities.

The monthly payment for the above services is10000 ALL/month.

If you come as group 5 persons for three months the payment is 7500 ALL/month/person.