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The Senior’s Home is a social business created by M.I.K.E Center and supported by Yunus Foundation.

The Services in the Senior’s Home are provided from a team that encourages independence, preserves dignity, allows freedom of choice and protect the privacy of each resident.

Providing quality service is our mission and is what makes us to be competitive in the market.

The Senior’s Home is located into secondary roads, Hillside Village Berxulle, Commune Berxulle. We offer residential service, daily and in families for persons over 60 years including persons with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s, trouble seeing and hearing.

For more information we can refer to the particular services sections.

Our Service

Our Senior’s Home team believes in care and creation of a happy environment for the residents of our house.

Team participation not only is pursuit of rules and principles, but is passion and love for what we do and to whom we serve.

We have employed those who have heart and make this work naturally by sharing quality service to all the residents.

In our daily routine we share our passion and love between people and team.

The entire “Senior’s Home” staff is trained for the service that we offer and we aim to be the team: – trainer of trainers, for all those who want to follow our way of service.

Our team is guided by the principle that:

Each of us has the right to a quality service and we laugh with them, cry with them, dance with them, we are there when they go to sleep and when they wake up in the morning and when a new day begins. Working on Senior’s Home is a privilege and an experience which we will take with us throughout our lives.

Our Philosophy

  • Provide cost-effective services to individual needs.
  • Creating independence for each resident.
  • Treating each resident with dignity and respect.
  • Promoting the individuality of each resident.
  • Allowing each resident to choose each personal care and lifestyle.
  • Maintaining each resident confidentiality.
  • Engagement of the family and friends in the care plan and implementation.
  • Creation of a protective environment for residents.
  • Creation of a valuable environment and asset for the community in which is located the “Senior’s Home”.